Thursday, August 19, 2010


Yesterday something interesting happened. One of my college friends posted something on his blog here.

It contained two lines that i wrote long time back (actually he said 3.I think it must be even older). He had expanded those two lines and wrote a poem.

We spent most of the last evening discussing that poem... and i wrote a short one as a continuation of those two lines that i had written long back. It ended up as a piece of its own... and Srini din't like it... you see he is a poet.. and i am not. I don't write poems.. i try to see if i can convert some of my moments in to a poem.. Sometime back i had consciously chosen not to write 'kavidhai', because somewhere it was excluding life.. like heisenberg uncertainty the moment and kavidhai are mutually exclusive. when you achieve one the other isn't. when i had to make a choice, i made the choice of not writing...

Srini challenged me to write... I generally don't fall for it.. but yesterday was a kavidhai evening... so I allowed me to write.

The next few hours were wonderful.. It was so wonderful until the time i could keep it away.. you know the process of creation is subtly hard and crazy.. somewhere its so damn involving too.. that you cannot be out of it until you are done. It was too much.. I spent the whole of this morning doing that.. i could hardly put that craziness of it to words... so i 'll not.

Here is what i wrote in the process.. not a great piece.. but i wrote quick and fast.. and soon after i realised that i could have written a completely different and better one.

PS: I know that poem 'll be heavily misunderstood... but i am anyways sharing it.

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Subha said...

Hey Jana,
Kavidhai is Super..I love the lines..
மழை வடிந்த அழகாய்..
இலை சொட்டும் துளியாய்...

How was this kavidhai misunderstood? Curious to know...