Sunday, April 3, 2011

India's Worldcup

Last month has been crazy...

I brought Linga Bairavi Yantra home. In what was like a magical Mahashivarthri night, I received the Yantra from my Guru himself. It was an unique experience in many ways.. It was a magical moment, sparkling with his energy.

Had a wonderful time, driving back home, with Abi, Vijayan and Marudhu and Devis... She is changing our lives in ways i din't expect!

My focal didn't go well. I spent a week of indifference with everyone at work because of that. Strange as it is.. Devi at home was keeping me pleasant and @ work i estranged myself. This prompts me to think away from work... to see that i need to spend time on developing my craft. After a week, everything was back to normal and i am starting to work on my long term plan...!

My maternal grandfather passed away on March 18th...I sat near his body for sometime wondering what this man really did in his life.. one strange thought occurred to me... "Which is true of him...? today or yesterday or both?". The only thing i can get inspired from is that, he lived better than others because somehow he made himself such that he wasn't impacted by anything that happened outside.. His immediate family was in complete choas and he never lost his charm and smile... But towards the end, he was so disturbed by his health and seemed like he wanted to stay. I so much wish he died gracefully or atleast as happily as he lived. It was really an alarm of sorts.. my time is ticking too.. Oh! I turned 30 on Mar 30. Halfway??? who knows i could go tomorrow in a car accident or something...! But time is ticking.. thats what i told myself on my birthday as i woke up in the morning.

Birthdays are made special due to friends.. this time it was also because of the India vs Pak Semis. The last 3 weeks i spent a lot of time watching matches, India vs Aus, Ind vs Pak and Ind vs SL... Crazy. I never spent so much time watching matches after my school days.

Watching the finals, Dhoni became the super man... after all. He has been greatly successful. Won every big tournament and came to form in the last match..ended it with a great sixer...! If there is one thing i want to have its the stability he seem to exhibit. He gives the impression that nothing affects him... not even a WC win. It also reminds me of one thing... Winning is crucial!

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